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Helping eCommerce Businesses Increase Monthly Revenue By 15% to 35%

Dami Ladele

As a business owner looking to grow your business you need to improve this 3 things

1. Increase the number of purchases a customer makes

2. Increase the average order value per customer
3. Increase the number of your customers

…and I use Email marketing to help you do this.

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How Much Can Email Add To Your Business?

How can I help you grow your business with EMAIL MARKETING?

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

List Management

Email Automation

Lead-Generation Development and Optimization

Email deliverability monitoring and analysis

Supercharge Email With 3rd party Integrations


If you do not get a return on investment you get 100% of your money back.
Guarantee Conditions apply

Hi! My name is Dami Ladele and I am an Email Marketing Specialist

I want to help you grow your business by building long term loyalty with your  customers, improving your sales revenue and establishing your position on the market!

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